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Alta Manufacturing was founded in 1998 and has become a leader in printed circuit board assembly. The roots of the company can be traced back to Altatron, which after 20 years of experience and growth was acquired by Flextronics in 1998. To create Alta, the founder, Mr. Lee, reassembled a strong and solid team to enter the highly competitive industry of printed circuit board assembly. Our core competency was then, and still is now, in manufacturing some of the largest and most complex PCBAs in the industry,

Alta Manufacturing has been growing strong since that time.  This has been accomplished by following these simple rules:

            -  Maintain a solid reputation of integrity, honesty, responsibility, reliability
            -  Strong customer service and exceed customer expectations
            -  Provide our customers with on time, high-quality and innovative products
The company’s rich history and dedicated staff is the great foundation that has since become one of its core values. 

ALTA Manufacturing
47650 Westinghouse Drive
Fremont, Ca.94539
PH: 510-668-1870
FAX: 510-668-1877