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PCB Layout Services:

• Printed Circuit Board Design
• PWB Verification
• Schematic Capture
• Orcad® CIS implementation 
• PCB Library Creation and Maintenance (ECO's)
• Full Documentation (Schematic, Assembly and Fabrication Drawings)
• Allegro® Consulting and Training 
• Orcad® Consulting and Training 
• Full Turnkey Solution 


Our design experience includes:

• Commercial, Military, and Medical Applications 
• Digital, Analog and RF Design
• Audio and Video Circuits
• Controlled Differential Impedance 
• High Speed (20GHz +)
• High Density SMT Packaging (mBGA to .4 mm pitch) 
• Complex Timing Topologies 
• Secure FTP site


Software Tools:

Alta Via uses the most advanced tools in today’s industry:

• Cadence Allegro® 
• Concept-HDL
• Orcad® CIS 
• Cadence Specctra® Autorouter 
• Valor Expertise
• Cam350®

ALTA Manufacturing
47650 Westinghouse Drive
Fremont, Ca.94539
PH: 510-668-1870
FAX: 510-668-1877