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Alta Manufacturing specializes in complicated PCB assembly. Our experience and equipment has made us successful with large, densely populated PCB's with the most technologically advanced components and processes. Our Engineer's dedication to their field drives them to study the latest technologies available in the industry and pass this information along to our customers.


  • Lead Free Assembly
  • No Clean Processing
  • BGA /Micro BGA/CCGA/MLF Package
  • Press Fit Connectors
  • 0201 SMT Components
  • BGA Rework
  • Non Standard Dense PCB’s (Large 18 x 23)
  • Backplane Assembly With Dedicated Backup Fixtures
  • Fine Pitch Component Placement
  • BGA Component Placement/Replacement (.5mm, 1800 ball count)
  • Double Sided BGA Placement
  • Specialty Component Placement


ALTA Manufacturing
47650 Westinghouse Drive
Fremont, Ca.94539
PH: 510-668-1870
FAX: 510-668-1877